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Paving the Way: Groundbreakers Since 2002

In 2019, we started a campaign “Dare to be a Groundbreaker” as a way to honor our customers and people in the construction industry at our annual Groundbreak event.

What exactly is a Groundbreaker? A Groundbreaker is a relentless professional who believes “good enough” just doesn’t cut it. It’s a leader who’s inspired by the opportunity to set a new standard and build towards what’s next. It’s a team player who is mission-focused. A Groundbreaker is a champion of the cutting edge and is dedicated to discovering, evaluating, and embracing the kind of technology that can move the needle.

Building the Future

Earlier this year, we reflected on who we are as a company. What makes us all so individually unique? What makes us work together so well as a team? To do that, we had to discover what makes our employees tick—their motivations and inspirations.

That’s when we had an “aha” moment and realized, we, too, are Groundbreakers.

With our platform, we are enabling the construction industry to build the future. We’re a tech company that services a trade industry—construction—and one that touches every community on earth.

Living the Values

When I first contemplated joining Procore as the Chief Talent Officer, one of the key attractors for me was their human approach and collective vision to improve the lives of everyone in construction. My guiding principle has always been to ‘treat people beautifully.’ Both Tooey, our CEO, and I share the same belief: employees are the magic to any successful company.

During the past year, I have time and again witnessed the essence of Procore—the openness, optimism, and ownership of our employees in ways that I have never seen anywhere else. The passion, commitment, and curiosity that everyone brings to the table are what make things happen around here.  Procore is a place where we share a clarity of purpose and a sense of belonging that connects us to something larger than ourselves. I get to do what I love doing because of the people in this company.

For all of that, I am truly grateful.

Procore’s Eternal Gratitude

Thank you, Groundbreakers, for all that you do. This video is just a small glimpse of the wonderful people who make Procore Technologies so unique. You are all Groundbreakers in every sense of the word; at work, in your communities, and in your personal lives. Your innate ability to learn and grow as people allows us to do the work we do.

We’re always looking for new Groundbreakers to help us continue to improve the lives of everyone in construction. Join us and explore a career with Procore today.



Pat Wadors
Chief Talent Officer