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Global growth, one office at a time.

From a single office in Montecito, California, with a team of fewer than 10 people, to an international company with a workforce on almost every continent, Procore has been expanding its footprint in the global construction market one step at a time. Our first international office opened in Sydney, Australia, in 2017, quickly followed by Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, later that year. Since then, we’ve established hubs in the UK, Mexico, France, Singapore and more. We’re certainly not stopping there.

North America

Procore North America was established in California in 2002. Our head office is located in Carpinteria, which offers a spectacular view overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We expanded into Canada in 2017 with our Vancouver office, and we now have nine offices coast-to-coast across the US and Canada.

Core Teams: Building Operations; Corporate Strategy, Finance and Accounting; Global Talent Organization; Legal, Regulatory and Compliance; Marketing; Engineering; Product; Product Design; Data, Security and Business Systems; Sales; Customer Support; Revenue Operations & Enablement.

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New York

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San Diego

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San Francisco

Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Procore APAC was established in 2017 when we opened our first office in Sydney, Australia. In 2022, we officially opened our Singapore office, and now have over 100 employees working in our offices - and remotely - across the region, accounting for roughly 50% of Procore’s international business.

Core Teams: Sales; Marketing; Customer Support.

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Europe, Middle East, Asia and North Africa (EMEA/MENA)

Procore moved into EMEA with the opening of our London office in 2018. Since then, we have opened two additional offices across EMEA and expanded into MENA with our Dubai office in 2022. We now have over 100 employees working in these hubs to help build the Procore of tomorrow.

Core Teams: Sales; Marketing; Customer Support.

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