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Meet Grace, a London-based SDR Manager and Avid World Traveller


Meet Grace! She's a London-based emerging sales development manager who is passionate about leading teams and checking new travel destinations off her bucket list.

In this monthly blog series, we shine a light on Procorians across the globe who are living our values of openness, ownership and optimism. They are Groundbreakers in every sense of the word, and these are their stories.

Where are you currently in your Procore journey?

Currently, I’m an emerging sales development manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland region. I manage a team of seven sales development representatives (SDRs) who are responsible for creating new business opportunities to help fuel Procore’s growth. I love this role because I get to inspire, motivate and upskill people for the next stage in their careers. 

My Procore journey began in January 2021, when I joined the sales org as an emerging SDR. I worked my way up to top-performing SDR, and that’s when I discovered my passion for coaching others and helping them achieve their goals. Even though the typical career path for an SDR is to become an account executive, I discovered I had aspirations for management. The main lightbulb moment for me was when my manager, Paul, suggested it might be something I was interested in since I demonstrated values that would make me successful in a managerial role. When I thought about it more, I realised it was exactly where I wanted to take my career next. I became a team lead, and when Procore opened a few SDR manager positions, I interviewed in January and February 2022 and landed the job. That brought me to where I am today, and I’m so excited to follow in other managers’ footsteps and be an example to others. I still have loads to learn, but I can’t think of a better place to do it than here at Procore.

What does a typical workday look like?

It’s so different day-to-day, but I’d say since I’m in a very hands-on role, I have a lot of one-to-one meetings with each of my team members, fellow managers and my director. Since I’m doing a lot of training at the moment, my days are a bit atypical for an SDR manager. Once I get more settled, I’ll do a lot of cold call coaching—listening to my team’s calls and having sessions to give feedback and get them up to speed. I’ll also run enablement sessions since the management side for SDRs focuses on getting people up to the next level. 


 Grace and her team striking a pose at a happy hour in the Procore London office.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I would describe myself as a typical British girl—I was born and bred in the UK, and I’m really close with my family. I’m a country girl at heart but turned into a city girl living here in London in the concrete. It was a bit of a crazy transition since I grew up in the countryside—but I went to Uni at the London School of Economics, which was the catalyst for my London life. I’ve resided here ever since and now live with my Uni friends in a flat a stone’s throw away from the Procore London office. I think living in a big city really helps shape you as a person, so I’m having an absolute blast learning and growing here. 

I’m a very social person, so my friends are everything to me. I find it incredibly important to have a great support network outside of work because the sales world is quite fast-paced and demanding. I also love sports and exercising, so I’m constantly using ClassPass credits to do all the pilates, barre and spin classes I can find. 

Holidays are also a great love of mine. I grew up going on trips with my family across Europe, so it was ingrained in me from a young age as something to always look forward to. The history and culture of new countries fascinate me, and even though Europe is relatively small, each country is a completely new experience. 

Recently, I’ve started travelling alone, which is great for the soul and makes me feel quite independent. I’ve visited many memorable places, but I want to travel as much of the world as possible. I’m also learning Spanish, so exploring more Spanish-speaking countries is definitely on the horizon. My favourite place I’ve been to is Bali, Indonesia, but Japan is the number one spot on my bucket list as we speak.

 Grace enjoying UK beach walks with friends.

What’s a fun fact about you that others might not know?

My favourite thing to try to perfect is impressions of people and accents—especially all the UK accents and the American accent because I watch a lot of Keeping up with the Kardashians on TV. It’s loads of fun, and people get a kick out of it.

How did you first become interested in sales?

At a previous job, I worked closely with tech investment companies, and one industry that was booming at the time was construction tech, which is how I first heard about Procore. I knew I wanted my next job to be client-facing, target-based and a good cultural fit. I’m also very money-orientated and an absolute talker—I will talk for England! When I was considering my next move, I figured I could either become a lawyer and try to get into the barrister world to argue my way through life or do sales. I chose the latter, and when I got the job through an SDR recruitment agency, and they said it was for Procore, it was a no-brainer. I went down that route and have loved it ever since. 

What’s your reaction to being called a Groundbreaker?

I was excited and flattered to be selected. Especially because the term Groundbreaker and the annual Groundbreak conference are such important things here at Procore and out in the construction industry we serve. I’ve always aspired to embody Procore’s culture and be an example to others, so getting this feedback is wonderful.

What does leadership mean to you? 

I see leaders, especially my manager Paul, as influencers in my professional life and role models for where I want to be one day. That motivates me and is something I aspire to be for others. I also love that Procore leadership is so approachable. Their ability to be risk-takers yet also level-headed enough to take that gamble and explain the strategy behind it is something I deeply admire as well. 

What’s something you do to "hold the door open" to help others get into your field or the construction tech industry?

As an SDR emerging manager, the people that join my team are often fresh. By that, I mean they either haven't done sales before, don’t know the construction or SaaS industries, are straight out of Uni, or they’ve only had one job and think this is what they want for a career. Holding that door open and giving people the chance to shine when we see untapped potential brings me joy. I was one of those people who was given that opportunity, and it paid off. I want to pay it forward and continue to provide people with that shot here at Procore.

As an international team member, how do you stay connected with Procore’s US-based headquarters?

While an ocean separates us from our colleagues at HQ in Carpinteria, California, we have so many updates and meetings that give us insight from our US-based teammates. Recently, we’ve also had a number of US and international-based leaders come over to the Procore London office to visit and get to know everyone. It’s been lovely to feel that presence and get that time since I felt that sense of connection was missing during the pandemic. 

Since Procore’s IPO also happened during the pandemic, I think that gave international teams an added boost and connection to the US since the entire company was working from home and taking meetings over Zoom. Even though we’re not all geographically in the same place, you still feel the Procore community vibes here at Procore London and our other offices. It’s something Procore is great at, which strengthens and unites us as a global company.

What’s it like working out of the Procore London office?

I love it here! My team and I come in daily—so do a few other cross-functional groups—because we all love the office and vibe. We just moved locations, and this new space is so bright and airy. We have pool tables, ping pong, whiteboards, interactive boards and a massive kitchen. The SDR office manager also orders us lunch, and we all sit together to eat. We’re all pretty close-knit and try to maintain that bond even though Procore is growing rapidly. We also do loads of social things as a team—for instance, on Thursdays we all go out together after work. 

Do you have any advice for folks who are interested in a career with Procore?

Be yourself. I think it’s so obvious in interviews when someone isn’t being authentic or is trying to align to values they don't resonate with. Before you commit to applying for a role here (or at any company), understand what we’re like as a moral compass and business. You want to make sure the place you choose is as much a fit for you as you are for it. I also think being somewhere you’re proud to work is incredibly important. When you click with your colleagues and enjoy what you do, it makes you a better employee and a happier person at the end of the day.

If you’re looking to get into sales, my advice is to dig into your drive, resilience, passion, determination, hunger and grit during the interview process. These qualities encompass everything you need to be successful at SaaS sales. There will be peaks and troughs, so dealing with both while remaining levelheaded is key. The job is hard, but the rewards you get from your efforts make it well worth it. I also speak from experience when I say that the growth potential and paths your Procore career can take you are full of possibilities. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve loved every minute of it. If any of this interests you, check out our open roles and throw your hat in the ring! 


A big thank you to Grace for sharing her story!

We’re always looking for Groundbreakers like Grace to help us continue to improve the lives of everyone in construction. Our UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa teams are also expanding, so explore a career with Procore today or join our Talent Community to stay connected.


Kiersten Albert
Talent Brand Communications Specialist