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Celebrating Black History Month with Procore’s African [Descent] Council

Inclusion and diversity have long been ingrained into the cultural fabric of Procore. In the past year, we have built on our internal inclusion and diversity efforts by adding even more resources and programming for our employees.

As part of this effort, we’re partnering with Procore’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to celebrate events throughout 2021 and highlight what they mean to our employees.

Black History Month in the U.S. takes place each year in February. This year, we turned to a few members of Procore’s African [Descent] Council ERG to learn what the month means to them—and why it matters to the communities in which we live and work. In the following responses, members share their personal stories, offer ways to show support, and more.

Maggie Ngugi, Product Manager

“Black History Month is a time to reflect and pay tribute to those who came before us to liberate us from oppression. It’s also a time to remember the sacrifices made for freedom and pass the story on to younger generations.

This month we can recognize the contributions made in history by providing space and resources for education on Black history and supporting organizations that keep the cause alive.

One of the ways we’re celebrating Black History Month at Procore is by hosting an internal virtual fireside chat about the significance of the month. All employees have been invited to join select speakers for a discussion about the history of the month and ways to get involved.”

Aksum Turner, Learning & Development Program Manager

“Three words come to mind when I think of Black History Month: solidarity, pride, and inspiration. It’s a reminder of what people who looked like me went through and overcame in the U.S. Reminders of the Black community’s accomplishments, inventions, and accolades help push me to be the best version of myself.

To make an impact this month and in the months and years to come, we need to invest in future leaders, work with schools in urban communities, offer new pathways to opportunities, and show future generations how to get there.”

Enisha Morgan, Sales Development Representative, Mid-Market, Owners

“Black History Month means appreciation, responsibility, and courage.

Appreciation for the shoulders I stand on today and have stood on my entire life.
Responsibility to not take my access to education, employment, and a certain level of freedom in this country and world for granted. The fight for racial justice and social equality continues, and I have a responsibility to pick up the torch and carry on to the best of my ability for the next generation.
My people were brave to stare hate and adversity in the eye and not waiver in their determination to gain freedom, voting rights, equal education, equal housing opportunities, and more. That is courage.
Companies like Procore honor these traits and continue to build more inclusive workplaces by celebrating the experiences of people of color and the values we bring to the company, while also increasing our presence at the company through hiring.”

Khalifa Campbell, IT Systems Administrator

“Black History Month is a time when I get to put a spotlight on the strength and grace of my ancestors. For me, it means celebrating the rich legacy that I come from, while learning and leaning into that power. The promotion and sharing of Black literature is one of many ways to celebrate this month, increase awareness of Black history, and highlight the Black voices that are often unheard.

If we want to continue to build inclusive workplaces that drive diversity and unlock the full potential of our teams, we have to work hard to create safe spaces that give everyone the comfort to show up authentically.”

Learn more about Procore’s ERGs and ongoing efforts to build a more inclusive and diverse future.



Bryn Lewis
Global DIBs Outreach & Partnership Manager